What is this Red Hat?

The Red Hat global training service is the world leader in training and certification in Linux, open software source, tools and programming languages.

Multitel is a Red Hat certified training Centre (and first one in Belgium) that offers you one of the most developed and most thorough Linux training programmes.

Do you intend to migrate your systems in Linux and wish to train your people as effectively as possible?

The RHCE programme trains your collaborators whatever their level of knowledge in Linux. From beginner to engineer, the RHCE programme follows step by step your evolution until, if you wish, the official "Engineer Certified Red Hat" qualification (RHCE). Do not wait any longer to have real Linux specialists in your team!

Are you looking for a job or do you just wish to improve your knowledge in Linux?

The companies are continuously in search of professionals who are able to manage critical company systems. These companies are using more and more Open Source platforms which require company data managers able to work on such systems. Only service providers owning a certification, capabilities and useful experience will be able to benefit from this increasing opportunity. In short, Red Hat's RHCE programme will bring you the necessary qualifications for your professional success!